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The DreamWatts Energy Management System is a web-enabled, user-friendly system for automating commercial and residential buildings to better manage energy consumption. DreamWatts saves you money and provides ease and simplicity to your energy management solution. 
DreamWatts is revolutionizing energy management with its easy to use, low cost monitoring and control system. It provides the lowest cost of ownership of any product on the market, along with an industry leading ROI.

How do we do it? 

It’s simple:

  • By installing wireless communicating devices such as thermostats, meters, sensors, and load control modules to monitor and manage loads.
  • By connecting those devices to our Data Center using a low-cost intelligent gateway.
  • By providing you with web-based access to manage your devices remotely. 

How does it save you money?

In several ways:

  • By providing visual information on exactly how, where, and when you are using energy.
  • By reducing the complexity of managing multiple energy consuming devices through common
    schedules and policies.
  • By delivering proactive alerts, reports, and recommendations.