DreamWatts® is simply the most convenient, economical, and effective energy
management system on the market today.

Makad Energy's cutting edge technology offers an immediate and significant opportunity to conserve energy and to control costs and comfort through more efficient and convenient management of energy usage. We stand at the front of the pack with our DreamWatts Energy Management System. This unique Internet based platform enables remote monitoring and device control, wireless data collection, plug and play extensibility and an ability to view your historical data...all at incredibly low installed prices. The return on investment begins with the click of a mouse and continues season by season with reduced costs and increased occupant comfort. DreamWatts addresses energy conservation by focusing directly on a building’s main energy consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, and other loads under 30 amps: hot water heaters, pool pumps, exhaust fans, and compressors.  Through real-time monitoring and control, and user configurable alerts, we provide insight into exactly where and how you are consuming energy so that you can make informed, effective, and verifiable decisions.

DreamWatts enables a wide range of environmental monitoring including refrigerator and freezer temperatures, server-room temperatures and humidity,  as well as air-quality. Since you can't control what you can't measure, we've made it a point to start with accurate, real-time measurement.  Need to ensure food doesn't spoil?  Medical samples are safe?  Building occupants are comfortable? Your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency?  DreamWatts information-based architecture puts you in control. Not only does DreamWatts constantly monitor, it also alerts. You can receive emails and text messages if your monitored conditions, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, moisture, pressure, or air-flow, exceed desired levels.

Need a portal for your data-logger or submetering device?  Makad Energy's extensible platform provides our partners with an unparalleled time to market advantage. Provide your customers with the benefits of real-time data, accessed remotely, enabled by DreamWatts.


The DreamWatts system can run diagnostics against your building and equipment, to discover problems and make recommendations. Subtle but costly problems, virtually undetectable by building occupants, become glaringly obvious through the data collected with the DreamWatts system. Breached duct work, leaking pipes, mis-wired HVAC equipment, malfunctioning economizers, inefficient fans -- all of these have actually been detected by DreamWatts before any human became aware of them.


The DreamWatts platform is standards based, therefore easily integrates with our partners' command and control systems, and through our DreamWay™ API. This API provides a broad set of web services (delivered through HTTP/SSL) that may be invoked by authorized DreamWay™ Domain Clients through REST Style Web Services or through standard SOAP protocols.  Bottom line - faster integration enables quicker time to market for your energy saving programs.