Immediate, significant and cutting edge opportunity to conserve energy for:
Commercial Buildings, Residences, Hotels, Retail Stores, Warehouses & Condominiums.

Makad Energy, LLC (Makad Energy Company) is a member of the Makad® Global Group of companies. Makad Energy has acquired and developed technologies relating to energy monitoring and management devices and services that it markets in the United States and elsewhere for industrial commercial and large scale residential uses and through retailers for single-family residential uses. Makad Energy is also developing additional energy monitoring, management and conservation devices and services to be marketed to energy conservation minded users in the United States and other countries.

The Company markets it industrial and commercial products through direct Company accounts and through various other channels.

Certain products, devices and services may be marketed through retailers for the general single-family residential market.

Makad Energy has studied the renewable energy industry identifying opportunities to utilize the development and construction management expertise of its Makad® Global partners to develop strategic renewable energy projects in the United States and overseas.

The Company has developed knowledge and strategic relationships in the areas of corn and cellulosic-based biofuels and biodiesel as well as in biomass, wind generation and solar electric power production. Makad Energy is currently seeking and reviewing opportunities in this space.